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terms and conditions

All clients are required to read this document in full and are deemed to have accepted all terms by booking with Sit Stay Paws.

Sit Stay Paws will not confirm any booking until a meet and greet has been carried out with the client and pets present, and full details of the agreement has been agreed and signed by the client.

The client must provide all necessary items for pets to be adequately cared for, eg a well-fitting collar with identification tags, lead, and towels, food, medication, cat litter etc. Dog ID tags are a legal requirement, failure to wear a tag can result in a £5000 fine to you, the client. Should the pet need any additional supplies whilst being cared for by Sit Stay Paws these will be bought locally and charged to you, the client.

A spare key is required for each property to gain access to your pet. If I cannot gain access to the property, for example if a key if left in the back of the door, or if the pet is not at the property, full charges for the service will apply. I do not accept keys being left hidden awaiting a service. If you are unable to provide a key at the meet and greet you can either arrange to deliver a key to my home or I can collect prior to the service for a key collection charge.

The client must detail two appointed persons who can make decisions relating to your pet in case of an emergency. If I am unable to reach either of these contacts, we will consult with the vet and make a decision which is in the best interests of your pet unless you specify any other wishes.

All pets must be vaccinated (species specific) or have evidence of a recent Titre test. All dogs and cats must be regularly wormed, and de-flead. If a pet is visibly burdened with parasites services will be suspended until treated and well, due to the safety of other pets in my care.

I expect you, the client, to provide a full and detailed account of any behaviours which may impact on negatively on myself, my own dogs or those which we may encounter on walks, eg aggression, anti social behaviour, excessive barking, straying or phobias.

I trust that you are handing your dog over to Sit Stay Paws in good health, if there are any changes to your pets health ie sickness diarrhoea or coughing you must inform me and I will make arrangements on a case by case basis.
Ongoing medical conditions should be disclosed alongside the treatment plan at the meet and greet. If for any reason I deem your pet unfit for their walk for example if I get to your property and it is clear your pet is unwell or injured you will still be charged for the service.

If at any point your dog becomes aggressive to me and can no longer be cared for by Sit Stay Paws, services will be immediately terminated, and refunds will not be issued. If you are not available to receive your pet your emergency contact will be asked to take over the pet’s care.

If your female dog is in heat they are unable to be taken on pack walks and if you wish for the service to continue they will need to be booked onto 1-2-1 walks for the duration of their season and for two weeks after the last visible signs.

Although I will make every effort to consider your own personal schedule I cannot guarantee exact collection / drop off times due to the nature of the work.

Sit Stay Paws will cut short any walk I deem necessary due to extreme weather conditions, ie heat, snow, thunder storms, for the safety of both your pets and the walker.

In the case of predicted extreme heat I will make every effort to rearrange your service to mitigate the risk ie walk early or later in the day. Priority will be given to pets who are home alone.

Whilst Sit Stay Paws will care for your pets as you would and make every effort to ensure your pet is safe, happy and healthy, Sit Stay Paws is not liable for any loss, injury or death to your pet or caused by your pet whilst in our care, other than as a result of gross negligence or misconduct. If your pet attacks another animal or person resulting in injury, you, the client will be responsible for any expense incurred as a result and strongly recommend you have your own pet insured.

Payment for services are to be made promptly, via bank transfer every Friday. If payment is not made you will be contacted. Failure to pay promptly will result in your future appointments being cancelled and made available to other clients. 

Notice is required for cancellations. Due to holding that space for you, cancellation fees are applicable to all walking and pop in appointments. These will be charged as a percentage of the appointment fee as follows. 
+48 hours = no charge
48-24 hours = 50% chargable
<24 hours = 100% chargable

I the undersigned, have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of using the services of Sit Stay Paws. I understand that all fees are to be paid to Sit Stay Paws, and I confirm that I am responsible for any costs which might be incurred, veterinary or other as a result of my pets actions and I will pay such costs in full. I agree this contract to be valid approval for future services without additional signed contracts or authorisation.

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