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happy dog running towards the camera
dogs socialising on an adventure walk

Meet and Greet (ESSENTIAL)

This is an introductory service provided to every new customer. This is your opportunity to tell me all about your pet, I will get to know you and your pet and you will get to know me. I understand your pets are family and want you to see that they are in safe hands with me. Its a great opportunity to discuss the finer points of our services AND you will have the opportunity to ask me any questions.  I will complete your pets introductory paperwork and we will set a date for their first TRIAL service. tHIS IS COMPLETELY FREE and completed in the comfort of your own home.

Group Walks

If your dog is over 10 months old, has a good offlead recall, OR IS WORKING TOWARDS IT, AND IS DOG FRIENDLY THEN WHY NOT ENROL YOUR DOG ON ONE OF OUR PACK WALKS? Your dog AND up to 5 friends  GET TO explore, play, socialise and get lots of exercise together in a rural location, under our supervision. Treats, fresh water and waste collection is of course all taken care of, and we can even give your dog a paw wash/towel dry if needed. group walks run 10-1 AND 1-4 mON -fri

Dog in Nature

half day adventure

GREAT FOR THOSE DOGS WITH EXTRA ENERGY TO BURN OR WHEN YOU ARE OUT FOR LONG DAYS. YOU DOG GETS TO HANG OUT WITH ME AND WILL ENJOY not one but two fun filled group walks in various exciting locations locally.  its twice the fun! your dog will be out with us for approximately 4 hours, and will have the time of their life, before being dropped home tired and happy. 

wedding chaperone

OF COURSE YOUR DOG SHOULD BE PART OF YOUR BIG DAY. WE CAN COLLECT them, get them walked and tidied up, we can bring them to your ceremony or reception, supervise them, help with photos, and ensure your dog is happy and comfortable; allowing you more time to spend with your partner and guests. after all the fun we can drop them to their overnight lodgings or hang out with them until you are all partied out.

dog playing with a toy in the garden
Cat on a Soft Blanket Holiday care


all the fun of a regular walk but at a weekend, your dog gets to join US and THE RESIDENT dogs on a weekend adventure. this is a great option if you want to go out for the day, run some erands or even get your christmas shopping done. Weekend walks are subject to availability please book in advance.

Holiday cat care in your own home 

Going away and don't want to put your cat in a cattery? We can come and visit your cat, ensure they have fresh food and water, clean out litter trays, administer medicines, play, give plenty of LOVE AND AFFECTION  and provide reassuring updates whilst you are away.

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