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Questions and Answers

Will we get to meet our walker?

Absolutely, its just me, CJ, who is walking your dogs or completing the visits. Everybody meets me before I carry out any services so there is plenty of opportunity to ask me any questions you may have.

Do I need to be home for you to walk my dog?

No, in fact most of my clients aren't home. You can provide me with a key to keep, or install a lock box. All keys are kept at my home in a hidden keysafe when not in use, and are only taken out with me on the days when I need to use them. Each key is marked with your pets name, but with no address or details linking them back to you for added security.

How many dogs can you walk at once?

I am insured and able to walk up to six dogs at once. However most groups are usually 4-5 dogs per walk.

What happens if my dog is wet or muddy after their walk?

I will clean up and dry off your dog the best I can, and do have a shower on board for rinsing off muddy paws, but it is not a full groom. I go over where your pet should be left after their walk during the meet and greet and you are encouraged to provide a waterproof fleece or coat to help keep them clean and dry on their walks.

Which areas do you cover?

I cover a 5 mile radius from NG21 9FA. any travel within 3 miles is included in all services, however Areas outside of this  will be subject to a surcharge to contribute to the costs of the additional mileage and time.

Where will you walk my dog?

We have a number of rural locations away from traffic which we like to visit on rotation. This includes parks, woodlands, lakes, and open spaces which gives us a nice variety of places to explore. I don't give out walking locations ahead of time for security reasons.

How are pets transported in your vehicle?

I drive a dedicated Fiat Doblo van. Every pet travels in their own crate, away from other pets for their comfort and safety. I also have a large space where I can secure bigger dogs using their harness and a restraint. Other animals can be transported in pet carriers - eg to the vet or groomers, please enquire. I have a split bulkhead meaning there is great airflow, plenty of daylight and I am able to see and communicate with your pets at all times. I have extra first aid supplies on board, water bowls, spare leads, harnesses, cleaning supplies, a stack of towels and even a dog shower for those pups who love to roll in anything stinky.

My dog is dog reactive, will you walk them?

Yes, most of my 1-2-1 walks are with dog reactive dogs. We can discuss their specific needs fully during your meet and greet but I am confident working with reactive dogs and have lots of ideas for rural walking locations.

My dog wears an e collar or prong collar is that ok?

My methods are force free and based on positive reinforcement. I am not trained in the use of e collars or prong collars, nor do I wish to be. If this is the route you have decided to take in training your dog then I am not the dog walker for you.

My dog wears a muzzle, is that ok?

Can my dog be walked at a specific time?

I appreciate there are many reasons to muzzle your dog, and providing the muzzle is well fitted, allows for a full pant and the dog is desensitized to wearing it then I am happy for them to do so during their walks with me. I do not however allow dogs on group walks who are aggressive to other dogs, nor do I accept dogs who are aggressive towards me on any service. Wearing a muzzle doesn't provide adequate protection to me or my pack for me to relax those policies.

Will you feed my dog after their walk?

I do my best to accommodate everyone's schedule as much as possible however as it is just me, appointments are limited and do book up quite quickly. Appointment times are always my best estimate as working with animals can be unpredictable as can the traffic. I always keep clients in the loop with any substantial delays to services.

Due to the risk of torsion I prefer not to feed dogs straight after their walks, if they need feeding, I suggest you book a separate pop in visit at least half an hour after to allow them to relax and calm down fully before they eat.

What happens in an emergency

Owners are contacted immediately and the best plan of action will be discussed. If we are unable to contact you or your nominated emergency contacts we will take your pet to your nominated veterinary practice or the nearest vet depending on the circumstances.

My pet needs to go to the vet. Will you take them?

Yes. I can collect your pet, transport them in my dedicated vehicle, wait with them and return them home after their appointment. Simply call your vet to arrange prepayment of fees and inform them that a pet care service will be chaperoning your pet on their appointment. Due to taxi licencing regulations I am unable to take owners in my vehicle it is for pets only. Subject to availability - please call to discuss.

I want you to do some visits for my pet, how often will you come?

Do you have experience with other pets or is it just cats and dogs?

Yes, I will happily care all sorts of animals, here is some of the species I have cared for in the past... snakes, lizards, frogs, terrapins, fish, hamsters, gerbils, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, sugar gliders, degus, rats, and tortoises - i'd love to add some more to the list so feel free to ask.

Give me a call to discuss your needs as this entirely depends on your pet, but the visit frequency can be fully tailored to you.

Can you water plants, take in mail, take out bins etc while I'm away?

Your pets are always my main priority however if there is time during the visit I am more than happy to do any additional tasks to keep your home look lived in while you are away, providing there are clear instructions left for me to follow. This is not a stand alone service.

Can you give my pet medication?

Yes of course, please discuss it with me before hand, medications will need a release form signing, and the medication must be prescribed for the pet, in its original container and in date.

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